About Immobilhome

Founded in May 2015 and based in Les Mathes, in Charente Maritime, Immobilhome is a trusted community brand that can offer the rental of mobile homes unique individuals on 4* campsites in Palmyre – Les Mathes and Ronce Les Bains, discover them and book them : online, on a mobile phone or tablet. Whether it’s a “two bedroom” or a “three bedroom”, a new or old model, for a week or for a month, Immobilhome offers exceptional stays at all prices. This is an opportunity for tenants to choose their stay a la carte based on campsites, locations on parks, equipment and their budget.

Immobilhome today is more than 100 mobile homes on 5 campsites, and it is also a new economic engine for dozens of owners. This is the easiest way to monetize an unoccupied space and put it forward with thousands of potential vacationers. Immobilhome innovates each year by offering ever more complete and creative formulas.

For 2018, we propose to our tenants an “all inclusive” formula:

– full board

– half board

Immobilhome is also expanding internationally with an increasingly large and regular foreign client.